Need a little more suprise in your life? Let Big Tech Co handle it!

Cardboard box with a drawing of a winking face on it

Big Tech Co proudly presents, the Blind Box program! Upon ordering any product from our store, Big Tech Co will generously send you a box containing one of our fantastic products!

“What’s inside the box exactly? Well I can’t spoil the surprise!”

-CEO Brett Tylor

We have a surplus of this product to give! We wouldn’t want any of this to go to waste. Giving back to our loyal customers is one of the best and only ways we could get rid of it all! We couldn’t have it any other way.

“It’s a hoot”

-Engineering Team

Our customers are raving about these mystery products! They just can’t get over how surprising it is to get a FREE package delivered directly to their doorstep!

A cardboard box with orange goo leaking out the side
Image of package on porch

Well, I’m certainly surprised

-Loyal Customer

(no refunds)