Our Story

Big Tech Co’s founder and current CEO is the renowned genius and inventor Brett Tylor.

Tylor was born into a wealthy family in 1997. He worked hard to earn the spot of Vice President at his family’s real estate tycoon in Cincinnati, Ohio. Though he was happy with his success, Tylor had far greater asperations. From a young age, he was always told that he is very smart and funny. Tylor was never able to truly take advantage of his gifted mind in this current position. So after his father’s passing in 2024, Tylor sold the company and started work on his new business here in Redmond, Washington.

Now that Big Tech Co was born, Tylor was finally able to put his genius and gifted mind into action. He expertly told other people what to do, and what to create. Though some engineers may think his ideas are, “physically impossible” or “morally abhorrent” that did not discourage Tylor from pursuing his dreams.

“What if we like, make a robot that like draws or something?”

-CEO Brett Tylor
A poorly drawn man with a mustache
Said robot’s drawing of Brett Tylor